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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 17, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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 >> good evening i'm dan ashley. president obama is in the bay area tonight. he traveled across the country to have dinner with the titan of technology here. among others the head of facebook, apple and
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other kill. lily live at woodside where the dinner meeting is under way at john dohr home. >> the president motorcade is about to leave which means the dinner lasted about 2 and half hours. about a dozen people were invited to tonight's exclusive gathering. >> 45 minutes later the president motorcade arrived at the woodside home of venture capitalist dohr for dinner and discussion with silicon valley biggest names, apple ceo steve jobs, google ceo schmid and facebook founder and oracle and chambers. stanford professor lives behind the stage and pleased to see the president in his neighborhood.
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>> good thing for the president to get out into the community that he sevens. and a lot of people in woodside with a lot of influence and the direction of our country and that's a good thing to interact. >>reporter: white house says the purpose of the president visit is to promote innovationçó in green tech and wants to spend billions of dollars on clean energy, education, high speed internet and other programs and turning to silicon valley leaders for their support. >> as a country if we could figure out a way to build programs and support systems to encourage people to good into engineering and reward them accordingly, then that would be i think an important part of the future. >>reporter: but many republicans call this reelection campaign photo op where the president is trying to reconnect with his donor base. chairperson of the san francisco republican party says this. >> the president obviously suffered a drubbing in the poll few months ago and so he's trying to lick his wound, i believe, and regenerate is what being seen a very troubled
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presidency at the time. >>reporter: the president is spending the night at hotel here in the peninsula. he then heads to oregon tomorrow morning. he is scheduled to visit an intel plant. live in woodside, abc 7 news. ochblingt thanks very much. >> now to the weather. highway 29 on the calistoga side is still shut down tonight by snow and highway 21 in sonoma closed by flooding. you can see the snow here on highway 29 between middletown in lake county and tubb lane north of calistoga. in napa county. roads were treacherous today in many spot spots. a lot of drivers had to pull over to chain up. this was the snow commute at the intersection of highway 9 and 35 today. p.m. julie sent us this video through powered by you tube and this photo by martin shows a car completely flipped over on south bound interstate 280 at the saratoga avenue off ramp. bad accident as you can see.
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more now on the weatherñi and is toll from vl korean a. >>reporter: the storm brought with it all the usual suspect. snow to the higher elevation. run off on the mountain. and plenty of trouble on the road. by the time we got to this cal-trans worker, he was a man of few words. >> very cold. real cold. >>reporter: this car was stuck on sky line boulevard. its own at a call box offering free advice. >> it's good if you stay on the pavement. so yes recommend hard surfaces. >>reporter: but even staying on the road didn't guarantee easy driving. saturated pill sides on highway 9 offered up their own version of a road block. >> i heard it was going to have some good downpour 1 or 2 inches down here so this is typical for this area. so we are hopefully won't get any worse. >>reporter: crew work to clear a tree into a power line few miles away, craig curtis worked to get agent help from triple a. >> i'm an hour half in the wait
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now. excuse me one second. >>reporter: it wasn't all a headache. this group put the snow at vista point to good us use. >> item wonderful to be ow on the snow. i have not been in snow in years. >>reporter: on the subject of time, craig was still on sky line boulevard when some good samaritan from regional open space stopped by to lend a han hand. >> come by before to check on him he said triple a was on the way. it has been over 2 hours. >>reporter: so even if not playing in the snow today there were some up lifting weather reports. >> rangers got to love them. >>reporter: they did it for free. >> did it for free. they wouldn't take anything. >>reporter: i guess we can tut triple a agent slack because i'm sure they were quite busy today. as for the downed power line only 2 customers without power because of that. and the snow up here already melting. at vista point, abc 7 news. storm brought heavy rain thunder and lightning to the north bay. section of shoreline highway and the town here looked more like a river
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than road in some stretches. look at that. san francisco the great hawaiial the city western evenly was closed today because of water that flooded the roadway this afternoon. not far away the zoo closed early so the animals could stay dry. spencer is here to show us what is happening right now on radar. >>reporter: start with live doppler 7 hd and lot of active weather all around the bay area. most of the most active weather is in the east bay and south bay but still in the north bay we have this area in the lake county actually from napa county up to lake county where we have some snow and mixed precipitation up near clear lake and cobb and down near calistoga we have got some snow falling on highway 29 as dan told you earlier. closure there on portion of highway 29 north of calistoga. out to the east bay where concord, morgan creek rain light to moderate rain and pocket of heavy downpour as well. south bay san jose area is getting drechblinged. now down in los
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gatos we have an area of really heavy downpour and continuing down through the santa cruz mountains and back towards santa cruz town of santa cruz itself. we have scattered areas of heavy downpour and approximately wide area of light moderate rape and we have this with us for awhile but what is do the weekend hold. i have that in the forecast later. >> thank you spencer. see you later in the hour. >> oakland police arrested a man accused of grabbing 13-year-old girl on her way to school forcing her into an apartment and then sexually assaulting her. they say it happened this morning in east oakland. as cecelia explains, police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. >>reporter: this 13-year-old girl was walking to school at 8:00 o'clock this morning when police say a 50-year-old man approached her. she toldr threatened her life and forced her in this apartment on walnut street and 98 avenue where he lives in a lower unit. in the girl was sexually assaulted. she managed to escape when the man became distracted. police
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said girl does not know the man after she escaped she managed to describe the apartment to police and that's where they located the suspect and arrested him. the girl attends elm hurst middle school few block from where the assault occurred. she went to the school after she escaped from that apartment and told officials and they called police around noon and reported the assault. police say it is still unclear exactly how the man lured the girl into had house. >>xd only that according to her she was threatened, you know, being 13 years old she went with the man because he threatened her life. >>reporter: at the apartment police discovered another young child inside. she was carried out by the suspect's god sisters, girl is now in protective custody the woman did not want to speak on camera but she said she told us today the man does not have a history of sexual violence. now the victim she is being treated at local oh. suspect his name is not been released but he is being questioned by police. reporting in oakland, abc 7 news.
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and forker walnut creek police officer was arrested on charges of having sex with a minor. chief joel wright confirmed that former officer shawn wallace was arrested on february 3rd just hours after resigning from the department. at one time wallace worked as detective investigating crimes against children. spokesman with the contra costa county district attorney's office says the booking charges including 2 counts of having sex with someone under the age of 18 and one count of intimidation of witness or victim. >> every once in a while police officer does something wrong and like the general public when they make a mistake, they are held to the same standard that general public is and they are held accountable. >>reporter: 45-year-old wallace bailed out of the county jail shortly after his arrest. the da office has yet to file formal charges against him in the case. much more to bring you this stormy thursday night. just ahead. san bruno pipeline explosion. new estimate on the cost of fixing it. and who is
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likely to end up paying for it. crack down on crack pipes. you will see some of the paraphernalia that has been confiscated not from junkies but from neighborhood stores. >> king of tide. tonight see why the choppy bay water you see during a storm like today could become every day occurrence in the future. >> and toxic avenger. moment. pa pass pg&e now
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estimates that last year gas explosion will cost the company 7 66 million dollars, more than the previous estimate. that will likely be passed on to customers. 8 people were killed and 38 homes destroyed.
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the gas company says liability claims account for aboutñr 400 million dollars. while expensive pipeline test and the search for missing records account for another 360 million dollars. pg&e says much of that should be covered by insurance but the power company still says consumers could face a hike to cover the cost. >> san francisco is launching a crack down on crack pipes. the city attorney filed suit in san francisco superior court against half dozen shops that sell drug paraphernalia. neighbors are pleased by this but the store owners feel they are being unfairly targeted. carolyn tyler had a the story. >> crystal meth]iñ pipe and crak pipe. >>reporter: san francisco city attorney pointing to picture of illegal drug paraphernalia. confiscated not from drug dealers but from local stores. in the mission and this neighborhood. >> specialize instrument that have no other purpose, no other
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legitimate purpose than to be used or to encourage use of elicit drugs. >>reporter: 6 smoke sho lawsuit the city filed today in superior court. one shop is right across the street from a public library. activist have complained for years. >> just walk down the street. it hits you smack in the face. >>reporter: the complaints led to lengthy police investigation. >> we start off with admonishment. then we do seizure. then we did undercover operations. >>reporter: one of those targeted mission gift and tobacco. >> police came by. >> came and said you can't sell this stuff. these pichlts i said we have been here for 10 years. nobody said anything. now they said yes we can. oka okay. >>reporter: at platinum wireless the owner still offers bombs that are considered legal because they can be used for tobacco as well as marijuana. but pel says he no longer says
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illegal paraphernalia and doesn't know why he is sued. >> he said only 6 smoke shop get sued and there's i don't know how many in the city. so i think they only pick whoever they want to pick. >>reporter: city attorney hererra says other shops in san francisco violating the law but he calls those listed in this lawsuit the most egregious. we checked with police and prosecutors around the bay area. none have smoke shops on their radar as priorities. in san francisco, carolyn tyler,i] abc 7 news. talk agent bit more about the weather and the faechblingts you have heard of rising sea level and concern about that. along with discussion no doubt of how low lying city need to build levee in the city to survive. as wayne reports it turns out that this storm today helped with the planning for that. l. >> san francisco embarcadero this morning this message applied to more than the here and now. if we are to believe
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the expert it was also prophetic. >> we call it a king tide. >>reporter: that's will travis of the san francisco bay conservation andw3 development commission. and king tide is a fancy name for alignment of the sun and moon that create high tide like this once or twice a year. >> fascinating high water future affect of climate change and rising sea levels in san francisco bay. about this is an indicator. >> is this an if or when. >> i would say this is happening today. i think we have seen a 7 inches of sea level rise in the last 100 years so it is something that is already happening. >>reporter: to doubt it researcher heidi set sail on boat owned by the environmental group bay keeper this morning. they were out to document the affects of the higher tide. in fact during most king tide there's an army of people doing this work. and posting photo on a flicker page. it was so rough out there today that bay keeper did not capture much at
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least not photographically. >> there wasñi a lot of land use that was very close to the water line and in a few ins we saw the water coming overland. >>reporter: now the most sobering part. with climate scientist predicting 16 inches of sea level rise in the next 50 years, what we saw today may become the norm before long. and the king tide. >> we are talking about convenient is in in san francisco. >>reporter: every day. >> not every day but we are going to have it more and more often. >>reporter: along the embarcadero waterfront in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. we have been hammered the last 24 hours or so. so what is to come? back now to spencer to talk about the full forecast as we head toward the weekend. >> for awhile more of the same to come. live doppler 7 hd. we still have areas of showers. period of rain and locally heavy downpour. let's focus on the east bay right now from concord to pleasant hill. walnut creek down to moraga
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town. light moderate rainfall. farther south, south bay around los gatos, rather wide area of heavy rainfall light moderate rain at san jose and los gatos pretty heavy and mixed precipitation over the summit and down towards the santa cruz and ben lo man heavy rainfall there as well. santa cruz mountains as well tend to get rain when we get these event and that certainly is happening tonight. sierra snow and dumping heavy snow from south lake tahoe up to truckee and portions of interstate 80 and highway 50 and closure in both direction with heavy snow and not a good night to travel. here's a photo, picture sent to us by approximately lake county. these are mountain dog and look like the canine have fun in the snow there. quite a bit of snow there. this the picture sent by jim thomas at
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the clear lake showing snow covered ground and lot of snow around as a matter of fact as pretty winter like up in that region. now back to the mead yacht bay area right now we look at temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40's so it is cool but not cold night. scattered showers continuing overnight. rain mainly in the south and east bay tomorrow. snow level down near 2500 feet. satellite radar composite image shows the system bringing us the stormy weather and behind that we have cold air and another system developing that is just going to deal with bay area a glancing blow mainly in southern california. start the animation 11:00 o'clock tonight overnight hours we see the rainfall taper off a bit as we approach the beginning of rush hour tomorrow morning. at bit of a break there. then the rain starts to come back during the daytime hours and by midday early afternoon we see rain covering much of the bay area with the exception of northern most part of the viewing area which may remain lowes mostly dry tomorrow and cold air producing some snow again on our high bay area peak by late
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tomorrow night drying out finally making way for painly dry weaned but by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night we will see rainfall total in the north bay of near zero in some spots up to only quarter inch. quarter inch to inch on the peninsula, east bay, 3 quarters inch to inch and a half in the south bay and up to 2 inches in the santa cruz mouchbility over in the sierra tahoe area we have a winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 o'clock saturday morning. look at the chance of 1 to 2 feet of new snow, back to the bay area tonight showers and locally heavy downpour we have chilly conditions with low dropping into the upper 30's to low 40's and then tomorrow chilly day under rainy conditions, high pressure only in the 40's up to around 50 degrees. similar conditions down near monterey bay. hig highest readings at 50 degrees and here's the 7 day forecast. rain tomorrow. then just a slight chance of showers on saturday but we look at mainly dry weekend. it's pleasant. any dry conditions are pleasant at this point and chance of showers again on monday
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president day mainly dry tuesday and wednesday. chance of rain again next thursday. very active weather pattern but that's winter. >> finally feels like february again. >> you are right. >> just ahead. bear hunt planned for lake tahoe this fall. why it could make a bad situation worse for campers. >> frontal attack on workers rights in wisconsin. >> and an attack that has lawmakers going awol so they don't have
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[ son ] my parents always lived in the states, until my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly,
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found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss... the seventh-inning stretch. so citi helped me use my thankyou points to give them something special. their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> animal activist vowing to do everything they can to stop nevada from starting a bear hunt. there are only a few hundred in the state and most live near lake tahoe. tahoe already has a big problem with bears getting that the garbage and you might think that hunting bears would help with
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this. but critic say it is dangerous and may in fact actually make the problem wors worse. >>reporter: this may look like a bear hunt but it is actually video taken by nevada state wild life officials showing them scaring bears away from populated area. hunting bears was ill legal in nevada. but that is changing. >> motion passes. 7-1. >>reporter: two week ago nevada wild life commission voted to start a bear hunt. chairman says the license and fee will bring in cash to staff the wild life department. >> if you want to support bear population protect the bear population we need to have the staff and specialist do that. and therefore we are having a bear hunt. >>reporter: the hunt is for black bear. despite their name they are often brown. the plan is creating a huge public out cry especially at lake tahoe. >> lake tahoe is really the epi-center of this whole bear issue. it is where the bears
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are. >>reporter: tahoe shoreline is divided between california and y allows bear hunting up to 1700 bears a year. but the bear range is huge. hunters tend to go elsewhere. >> very few hunters in california come into the tahoe basin to hunt. too highly recreation. there's hiker. campers. bikers. >>reporter: but in nevada most bears live in a small corner of the state. rate near tahoe. hunting will not be allowed in heavily populated areas and only 20 bears can be killed. but tahoe resident say people hike and camp all over the mountains here and even a small number of hunters could be dangerous. that's one reason nevada is requiring bear hunters to take a class. >> we are going to do our best to educate the hunters on places to go hunting. where they can avoid any kind of confrontation with other users out there on the land. >>reporter: bryant runs the bear league that helps tahoe resident handle problem bears humanely an believes hunting bears is cruel.
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>> the bear chase by hound up a tree and up a tree and he can't fly to another tree. he's sitting there. scared to deat death. soon he is dead. shoot them dead out of the tree. it's not a sport. item disturbing. it's sick. >>reporter: we asked the chairman of the wild life xition about that. >> i understand how someone could say hunting is cruel. it is pa question that has no answer because it's not cruel. >>reporter: under nevada rule only 6 female can be killed and not if they have cubs. but critic say item hard to tell. this bear video shows a mother bear but you can't see the cubs because they are hiding. so a hunter might not see them either. then the nuisance sis sish. tahoe already has a big problem with bears getting in people garbage and houses. nevada wild life biologist admits hunting will not get rid of those bears because they are too close to houses to shoot.
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the bear league believes hunting will actually make the problem worse. >> hunting brings the bears down into the villages where they are safe. if they are back up in the woods an man hunting them back there they are going to run where they know they are safe. >>reporter: nevada wild life department has research on nuisance bears this one ended up in a tremendous near fast-food restaurant in reno. it was tranquillize to get it down. bear was okay and thoroughly examined before released. department says it should be easy to tell if hunting creates more problems in your ban areas. >> with that ongoing research we will certainly be able to find that out very quickly. >>reporter: as for whether hunt will bring in money. even the department spokesman is skeptical. >> this could end up costing us money. once the evident of people like myself and the biologist and game warden are taken into account. >>reporter: the hunt is scheduled to start at the end of august. in the mean time, animal activist may sue to
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challenge nevada scientific research and claim the commission ignored public opposition. >> poll after poll show overwhelming majority of nevada citizens are against the hunt. >>reporter: now the wild life, nevada wild life department says the hunt will not have an over all effect on the state bear population. critic disagree and hope the governor intervenes. we have link to organization on both sides. bear hunt issue. abc 7 new under see it on tv. all right. when we continues here tonight, chaos all right. when we continues here tonight, chaos at the capitol public workers take to the street as the governor tries to cut pay and perks. >> if you are a soda drinker you may be paying more. i'm in sacramento new proposal would add a penny tax to every ounce of sugar sweet bench. >>reporter: plus available to work and they need the jobs the most. why some firms though are revving to hire the unemployed.
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>> new bay bridge is ahead of schedule but you have to change >> new bay bridge is ahead of schedule but you have to change your driving habits all over&
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. >> good evening once again. one lawmaker looked at the angry crowd gathered at the wisconsin capitol today and said it is like cairo has moved to madison. what is going on there, fundamental fight over how to pay for our teacher when the budget is broken. here's chris. >> today the capitol row pun today was packed. top to bottom. thousands of teachers. nurses. state employees of all kind. mostly peaceful. handful of arrest. workers claiming the governor is
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balancing the budget on their back. >> is there a lot of anger here in wisconsin. >> yes. very upset. >> i think frustration more than anger that he's not listening to our voice. >>reporter: so many teachers are here that madison schools closed for the second straight day. protestors raging at the governor plan to reign in 3.6 million dollar budget deficit. demanding that public employees pay more for their pension and health care. equivalent of 7% pay cut. for average worker making 48,000 dollars a year that is a 3300 dollar hit. governor scott walker in office only 6 week told me he has no choice. >> why is this so necessary. >> well for us we are pwrochblingt item like nearly every state across the country. >>reporter: just as republicans prepare to pass the bill, key democrat left the state to stall the vote. capitol polices were looking for them. >> we hope that we are in a places that be hard for them to find.
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>>reporter: what really upset state workers budget that strips away nearly all of their union bargaining rights. over health care. pensions and work rules. any wage increase beyond cost of living would require a state referendum. they blame the governor. do you think he's trying to bust the union. >> of course he's going to by taking away our right to bargain as teachers i don't think it's pishltion are you trying to bust the union. >> no. bottom line trying to balance the budget. >>reporter: the governor says if the law doesn't pass 10,000 public employees will be laid off. about. >> chris reporting, >> budge net california. new revenue stream potentially for the state. lawmakers in sacramento are considering a new tax on soda. capitol correspondent annette has the story from sacramento. >> some health expert and lawmakers calling the obesity problem an epidemic and targeting one type of food to stop it. >> this is the cause of a
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public health epidemic. >>reporter: assemblyman want to add a penny per ounce tax on all sugar sweeten bench in california. he would tax the manufacturer an distribute or but they would likely pass it on to consumer which is exactly what the assembly men want. >> yes the intent is to see the retail price to go up to dissuade people from using it as a diet staple. >>reporter: california center for public health advocate say the average californian drinks equivalent of 39 pounds of sugar a year from sports drink to soda. if the penny tax were to pass that's more than 6 dollars a year extra from each drinker. 1.7 billion dollars annually to fund children health programs we caught up with john who buys a literer day for lunch. >> 33 cent extra. i may have to start drinking cool aishtiond soft drink
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association thinks it is unfair to blame one food category for the obesity problem. bob says taxes don't make people healthier. making smart educated decisions about diet and exercise do artificial sweetener don't count under the proposal. tax would only apply to sugar sweet drink so if approved consumer could see regular soda costing more than diet drink. still that penny irritate a good number of soda drinkers. >> i think it's kind of unfair. just seems like the government is trying to go after more money. >> it's ridiculous because p.m. just too much. because we already have the crv tax. >> this could be the first generations of kid in modern history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parent. >>reporter: in sacramento, 7 news. job discrimination usually on the basis of age, race or gender. well now there is a new group facing this problem. the unemployed. according to
9:36 pm
the equal employment opportunity commission many firms across the country are revving to hire people if they are unemployed and especially if they have been unemployed for 6 months or longer. employers say that if you have lost your job or laid off it must mean were you not very good at it and being out of work so long means your skills have eroded in the interim. 6.two million people who are unemployed for 6 months or longer in the country. listen to this figure. 4.7 people for every job opening right now. well get ready for another bay bridge shuffle. temporary detour on the oakland side is coming in just a couple months. all part of plan to complete the new bridge earlier than originally expected. transportation reporter heather has the story. >>reporter: orange barrier marks the spot as far as cal-trans can go in building the newest pound lanes as they touch down in oakland. section of the existing bridge is in the way. so this cal train animation show how west of the
9:37 pm
toll booth they shift both direction of traffic south so they can finish building the new bridge. >> most important thing is to legality people know there is a change. bay bridge has been in operation for 75 years. people get very acustom to what it is like to drive it. we are about to make a significant change. >>reporter: sort of. this cal-trans animation shows what it will be like to be driving eastbound coming off the bridge into oakland. on to the detou detour. this alignment will be more of a straight shot than the current drive. it begins in may. >> there will be some temporary closures for the east bound alignment. we come back to you in three months to two over exactly what the hours will be. >>reporter: then early next year westbound lanes headed to san francisco get a detour that will last until fall of 2013 when both direction of the new bridge will open at the same time. >> originally we were speaksed to be completing the westbound access to the new bridge at the end of 2013 and then the east
9:38 pm
bound access would be 6 months to a year after that in 2014. >>reporter: last bay bridge detour washington initially difficult is a trust. s curve was a painful adjustment with one fatality. cal-trans says this should be a much easier change to navigate. this is abc 7 news. let's go over sea for a few moments to anti-government protest in the arab world. in bahrain troops tank lock down the capitol after up root prague test camp in central squaivrlt at least 5 people died. protestors want the ruling sunni muslim monarch to relinquish power. most people are shi'a. bahrain is key u.s. al lay in the gulf and we are watching it closely here. in libya demonstrators continue to defy crack down by security forces. reports say a at least 20 people killed in two day of clash was pro government group groups. anti-government protestors want the leader gadhafi to step down. tension are escalateing in iran street
9:39 pm
protest broke out there on monday. main leader of the opposition reported missing. his daughter say they have not had any word of him or their mother sin tuesday. security forces surrounded their home cutting off xhawp indications. more to bring you. coming up. changing options. just ahead why facebook is sending a clear message in support of gay and lesbian couple around the world. >> secret in the jungle. health news about an isolated >> secret in the jungle. health news about an isolated 
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>> scientist have discovered a strange fish that lives in a soup of toxic chemicals. it is called the tom cod looks like the regular cod but smaller. they live in the hudson river water way that ge admits dumping tcb and dioxin in to from 1947 until 1976. almost all of the fish there developed tumors. but now in just 50 years time the fish have involved to become resist interest to p cb and dioxin. interestingly enough. what happened? some of the fish had a gene that allowed them to tolerate the chemical. those fish survived and flourish and took over. but there ace down side. the tom cod now prey for
9:43 pm
bigger fish that eat them sending the chemical up the food chain. now there's this. news today that remote ville annual in equador may hold the key to living a long and healthy life. people there are growing old without delevoping diabetes or cancer. the secret is in their dna. secret that scientist hope to harness in a pill one day that could help all of us. story tonight from jeffrey kaufman. >>reporter: at less than four feet tall norman is helping scientist identify a way to stop cancer and diabetes. when did i realize that i would not grow, he says? l when i was in primary school. l here in the remote region of southern equador he's one of 120 people with rare syndrome called dwarfism. the doctor began studying the dwarfs here 25 years ago to see if he could help them. finding just
9:44 pm
published include something unexpected and remarkable. >> i start notice but somehow in this area that we all know equador are areas with high rates of cancer but no one of this station have ever died of cancer. >>reporter: the doctor discovered the davsh have genetic mutation that prevent the bodies from growing and also stops diabetes and cancer from delevoping. this is not the first time scientist have identified the gene that is made suppress cancer growth. but here in southern equador they have for the first time found tonight human. researchers in california had seen this in dwarf mice in the lab but confirming that the gene acts the same in human means that by the end of this year they can begin trial on adult liking to develop cancer or diabetes. experimenting with the drug mimic the defect of the dwaivrnlt i think if we did not have the population of the human population, research
9:45 pm
welcome back delayed by years. >>reporter: today science is one step closer to annie elusive goal. . daily pill l wards off diseases that cuts so many lives short. abc news, equado equador. many there are those say no relationship is truly official tonight is announced on facebook. social network changed the options opening the doors to millions. it changed its relationship status option allowing users for the first time to tell their on line friends if they are in a civil 81 or in a domestic partnership. facebook has more than 600 million active users around the world now. new feature are available in the u.s, canada, uk, france and australia. human rights groups say this move is a very big deal. marriage equality media says it's good visibility and good to show everyone on facebook that same sex couple exist and are denied the status of marriage. gay lesbian
9:46 pm
alliance against defamation says facebook sent a clear message in support of gay lesbian couple to users across the globe. >> as we continue tonight. it looks like it should be next year hot toy. in fact it is recon son on window ledge. what is the daily? recon son on window ledge. what is the daily? stay with us 
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>> interesting development in the airline industry today. airlines rolled back their fare today. tevrn followed along with delta raise praised by 20 to 60 dollars on monday as we reported but when u.s. airway changed it sign this morning. so did everyone else. well, two someplace warm not around here. spencer back to update the foyvrjt you are right. bit chilly winter like around these part and wet writ now as we look at doppler, quite a bit of rape around the bay area. mount diablo agent bit of snow in the higher elevation. livermore area and in the south mount hamilton more snow fall and heavy rain down around los gatos. south
9:50 pm
bay a real soak tonight and good portion down so santa cruz we have rain here and bay area tonight and we have had impressive rainfall total over the last 24 hours. well over inch and a half in saint helen helena, santa rosa, well over an inch in san rafael. over inch in san francisco. 2.15 inches in ben logan and tahoe snow is winding down. mainly sunny dry weekend so good driving conditions out there. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain tomorrow. dry of the weekend. chance of showers again on monday. dry tuesday wednesday. rain comes back on thursday. we don't get much of a break. parent continues. >> all right thanks very much expense jerry tiny humming bird may fly spy mission to the drone the honey burg. watch the drone can go up down. forward backward side way and flip over. even directed
9:51 pm
inside buildings and doorways like you are about to see here. waicht. there it goes. humming bird was developed by the pentagon by arrow environment southern california company working on it since 2006. pretty wild. >> issued tell that you channel 7 has on one on order. wash larry m action. >> except maybe a guy in the corner sleeping. >> that's what we thought. >> waste of money on. that shark host one of the biggest stars in hockey tonight. alexander the great. alex and stars in hockey tonight. alexander the great. alex and the capitol. want to see a g
9:52 pm
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>> coming up at 11:00. falling tree demolishes an rv in santa cruz county and just misses hitting one woman. we have the story. >> fighter in more than one sense of the word. bay area expert using this man challenges to develop a better prosthesis. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00. join us for that. larry here with all the sports. hockey. >> that was impressive. whacking the bag. good stuff. shark return home tonight for the first time in more than 2 weeks in the midst of super tight race in the pacific division hosting alexander the great in the tank. shark one point wac of phoenix. 5 teams all bunch together separated by one point. san jose the other way. joe top shelf on shorthanded goal. sharks up
9:55 pm
one nothing but if you call alexander the great there's a reason. answering just 28 seconds later. snap shot. power play goal. then in the third ryan rate play at the right time. off the feed from kile. 15 goal of the season. just one final seconds ago and shark we know by score of 3-2. stanford hosting college basketball season cardinal facing a ucla team that has gotten very hot. bruins won 9 of 10 heading into maple tonight. first half. peck and roll. man to owens. with authority. owens had 12. stanford down 7 at the break and falling behind second half reeves nelson owning the baseline. 1 hand punch then smith. that's a big boy right there. about 300 pounds. rip the whole thing down. led for the bruins. green shoots stanford back into this thing. second half. made it a 4 point
9:56 pm
game. minute to play. still down. 20 seconds left. in and out. can not hit. stanford fall 69-65. bruins have won 6 in a row. coach eric dress for success at usf. first half williams. carving his way in the lane. lefty finish off last. usf by fifty half. fast forward tied at 66. anglo p.m. strong with the foul. up by three. under 2 minutes what a pass. nice pick out to williams. who buries. usf wins the game on the road 82-7 82-73. couple other games to update you on. cal fall at home. usc 78-75 and gonzaga over santa clara 85-76 by 27. from kevin foster. who is the best college basketball player in the bay area? chances are you have never seen him play or heard of him.
9:57 pm
oliver one of the nation leading scorers plays for san jose state. mike with more on the spartan second all time leading scorer. >> he brings energy to the table. oliver for 3. is he good or what. >>reporter: san jose state adrienne oliver can put the ball in the basket. he's fourth in the nation afternoo afternooning 24 points a game. >> i understand a god give me a gift and it's a shame if i don't use it. natural ability and a lot more hard work goes into it than what people think. >>reporter: senior from modest to started career at washingto washington. transferred after his freshman year to be closer to his family when the grandparents became ill. >> just to have the ability to give back to him for taking care when i was younger is a blessing. >>reporter: his mom worked at graveyard shift when he was growing up so his grandparents helped out. all he wanted to do as a kid was shoot the rock. >> ever since little that's all he did at home. so this its like a dream come true. keep
9:58 pm
playing the game and hopefully play in the nba one game. >>reporter: his game improved past 3 season setting school record scoring 30 point, 14 times. on the court you can see fearless. put the body on the line. go after the ball. come hard to the rim. off the court he really steps it up. >>reporter: adrienne was fourth in the nation last year and on his way to becoming the first bay area player to finish in the top 10 in scoring more than once. his dream though won't be complete without an nba career. >> nba is a league of players with a lot of talent but things that separate players from longevity is working hard. that's what i am known for. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 sports. baseball. if a's fan you heard this so many times befor before. the only response at this point is really? l pitcher rich hard inis hurt again. hurt before the official work out had begun. will rest for 2 week to looseen up stiffness in the arm. same old same old there. albert roll in spring training driving
9:59 pm
ford pick up couldn't come to term with the club open contract extension. entering the final year of the de-he will be a free agent. he says reports he wanted a 10 year 300 million dollar extension are just not accurate. >> you guy try a number. i assume card national offer and ask for 10 year we just laugh bit. i'm pretty sure the card false are too because you guys don't have any clue. you are way off on what the numbers that you are throwing out ther there. >>reporter: maybe it is 4. really asking for 400 million. >> not the first professional athlete to tell us you don't have a clue what you are talking about. >> we shall see when the numbers can come out. that's this edition. have a good night. see you in an hour on 


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